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Who Cares About Pál Frenák? Clearly, a great number of people. The question is the title of a documentary feature film currently in production about the remarkable life and work of choreographer Pál Frenák.

Producer Vittoria de Bruin became fascinated by the performances of Compagnie Pal Frenak during her years living in Hungary. As she found out more about the extraordinary life of the choreographer, she felt it was a story that demanded to be told on the big screen. As the youngest of eight children, Pál was born to deaf parents and sign language became his first form of communication and means of making sense of the world. This sense of suspension between the worlds of silence and sound deeply influences his intense, powerful creations to this day.

Shooting started back in 2011, and since then the American-Hungarian crew has followed Pál to Budapest, Aix-les-Bains (the site of his country home where Pal finds the silence for his choreographic inspirations) and his family home in Paris. The movie will give unprecedented access to the choreographer’s thoughts, the creative process, rehearsals in which productions take shape and to the artists, friends and collaborators around the company.

To complete the film, the producers have turned to crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Visit the site and become part of the project to bring to a worldwide audience the power of Pal's gift to communicate the tragic and the comic, the absurd and the profound, the sacred and profane, through movement and his exciting use of text, music and design. Vittoria speaks with moving honesty about the project, and we encourage fans and audience members to support the crews’ incredible efforts.

A trailer to the film can be viewed on video sharing platform Vimeo. (

XTRA Night XTRA. Extra. Something truly special. A short film directed by Nelson Reguera. Dance etudes. DJ Mahagony at the decks. Dance-in-progress. Get an insight into the Junior projects of Compagnie Pal Frenak. Christmas gifts and pre-sale tickets for 2016 shows. An extraordinary night with the company at Tesla Budapest.

Tickets are 1200HUF, available on the door.

Pál Frenák Wins Moholy-Nagy Award Moholy-Nagy University presents the eponymous award every year to an artist whose work shares the values of the Hungarian-born artist László Moholy-Nagy: integrative thinking, innovation and bridging boundaries between artistic media.

This year the Moholy-Nagy Award honoured the life and work of dancer and choreographer Pál Frenák.

Frenák has created a unique, strong and dynamic physical vocabulary that integrates sign language, a daring use of space and diverse artforms including circus, theatre, fashion and contemporary music. His European way of thinking, extensive work with youth groups, creative transcendence of genre boundaries and outstanding artistic achievements are all exemplary for the intellectual community of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.


Compagnie Pal Frenak is looking for male and female dancers, who are trained and have experience in contemporary techniques and who are interested in the work of the company.

The audition takes place in Budapest, the venue is:

Jurányi Inkubátorház (1027 Budapest, Jurányi Street 1-3.)

Workshop Foundation - main rehearsal studio (3rd floor)

The date of the audition: 30th November 2014 - 11am

The application should be written in English, French or Hungarian and sent to the email-address:

The word AUDITION should be written in the subject of the email.

The application should include:

• CV

• no more than two photos

Application deadline: 25th November 2014 - 12pm

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