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The image of flying is a deep and complex metaphor for Pal Frenak, inspired by Alan Parker's film, William Warthon's novel and Raymond Depardon's documentary film, entitled San Clemente. The piece Birdie is a dynamic vision about the fragile balance between sanity and insanity, the special relation between identity and imagination. The central question is: in the age of chaos, in the world of wars and cruelty, how can we create a small island of peace and what happens if the world outside doesn't accept our chosen way of living our lives?

Birdie has a unique set design - huge, light metal pyramids, that functions like a moveable, extraordinary labyrinth on stage. The set design is created and constructed by the architects of the Hungarian award-winning design laboratory, Planbureau, inspired by their unique design innovation, Logifaces, which is a new form of 3D puzzle, defined as the Rubik-cube of 21st century. These objects were adapted on the dance stage and transformed into transformable 2,5m high scenery elements especially for the new creation of Pal Frenak.

The five dancers - members of Compagnie Pal Frenak, former dancers of Modern Ballet of Cuba and Royal Ballet of Sweden - participating in the new piece are moving in the extraordinary, recognizable style of Pal Frenak, using their classical ballet, and acrobatic knowledge combined with organic moves and contemporary techniques.

The acoustic atmosphere is created by the young and talented Berlin-based composer Norman Levy, his unique electroacoustic music is combined with classical music - Bach's cello suites - performed live during the performance, by cellist Endre Kertész.

"Birdie is an astonishing, moving and extremely beautiful portrait of emotions and human feelings, with crystal clear structure and outstanding quality of dance. It is a masterpiece" (László Szabó G. theatre and dance critic)

The performance is going to be premiered in MÜPA - Palace of Arts, as the highlight of the Budapest Spring Festival with the support of National Dance Theatre, Scène Nationale Evreux Louviers and National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

Duration of the piece: 55 min Choreography and concept: FRENÁK Pál Performers: SIMON Renáta, Yosmell CALDERÓN MEJÍAS, Nelson REGUERA, BUKTA Gergő, MAURER Milán, Latasha PUGH, KERTÉSZ Endre Music: Norman Levy Set design: Lakos Dániel - Tervhivatal, Majoros Gyula Light: VAJDA Máté Sound: HORVÁTH András Production manager: JUHÁSZ Dóra With the support of: Művészetek Palotája, Nemzeti Táncszínház, Budapesti Tavaszi Fesztivál, Scene Nationale d'Evreux-Louviers, EMMI, NKA
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