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The exciting collaboration between choreographer Pál Frenák and opera singer Andrea Rost will culminate in a show held on 13 November in Erkel Theatre. “Two complementary art forms will be joined together to create something truly extraordinary” says the world-famous soprano of the project. “It will be a great game. I love working with the right creative people, and Pál Frenák and I understood each other from our first meeting. I find myself enormously lucky to work with an artist of his calibre in creating such a remarkable performance.”

Rost&Frenák will be a unique project in many respects. Voice, movement and spectacle will form perfect unity in this meeting of genres. The audience will witness something more than a dance performance and more than a concert. “The choreography is not a simple illustration of the songs, there is no hierarchy between music and dance. The abstract, yet very concrete visuals and movement will complement the acoustic experience,” explains director Pál Frenák.

Andrea Rost will be performing songs by Berg, Kodály and Schumann accompanied by dancers of Compagnie Pal Frenak on stage.

Director, choreography, concept: Pál FRENÁK Performers: Andrea Rost and the Dancers of Compagnie Pal Frenak Light: János MARTON Sound: Attila HAJAS Stage and alpine technician: György ZOLTAI Venue: Erkel Theatre Production manager: Dóra JUHÁSZ
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