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Struggle, fight. revolution, battle.

The latest creation by Pal Frenak, Lutte is an intense, really physical, but also poetic dance piece about our human struggles, our fights – in a symbolic and practical sense as well – our social and emotional hierarchies. How can we overcome on ourselves and others? How can we defeat on our ego? How can we handle our everyday fights? The piece LUTTE – choreography by Pal Frenak – combines the elements of sport and contemporary dance, sign language and design – using certain motifs of conquering from the Scandinavian mythology.

The piece LUTTE is created in the frame of LUTTE, a complex, 4-modul-structured research-creation-eduction program supported by the EEA Grants.

The mission and vision of Compagnie Pal Frenak and Foundation for Contemporary Dance and Sign Theatre contains a firm statement and strong intention to create, produce and tour dance productions in an outstanding quality. Also to engage and develop the audience to/with dance, initiate creative collaboration between the different art and pedagogy organizations in the international cultural scene and between different art forms, invent unique methodology and organize special education programs for people with physical and mental disabilities with a special focus on people with hearing disabilities and youngsters in state custody. The unique, extraordinary and recognizable movement material and aesthetics invented by choreographer-director Pal Frenak and the carefully chosen focus topic of the project - which is the motif of fight, hierarchy, challenge and communication vs. battles, combined with elements from the Scandinavian, and especially from the Icelandic mythology - are perfect to create dialogues in the art and civil sector on the current social issues that we - as Hungarians and Europeans - face nowadays.

The complex educational and art project, entitled LUTTE consists of 4 modules - research, education/pedagogy, creation, management - which reflects on each other, focus on the same topic and provide a innovative and new approach on the responsibility of contemporary dance regarding social issues, tolerance and long-term sustainability in the art field. The 4-modul-structured project includes a research period, with workshop-series for international young and experienced artists, includes a creation process in international coproduction, also contains an 3-level education program with preparation workshops and follow-up talks for high school students, youngsters with difficult-challenged family background and university students a well, while the final, 4th module is a residency program that focuses on the sustainability and invention of new management and communication tools in the field of art.

Concept and choreography: FRENÁK Pál Choreography assistant: Várnagy Kristóf Performers: Esterházy Fanni, Várnagy Kristóf, Maurer Milán, Eoin Mac Donncha, Keresztes Patrik és a társulat junior workshop-programjának táncművészei Consultant on cultural history: Dunajcsik Mátyás Music: Gryllus Ábris Lights: Márton János Sound: Hajas Attila Alpine technique, stage: Zoltai György Costumes: Márton Richárd Production manager: Juhász Dóra Production assistant: Zalai-Ruzsics Boglárka, Peták Róbert The piece is created in the frame of the complex art and education project, entitled LUTTE with the support of Norway Grant and EEA Grant.
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