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In his new production, HIR-O, Pál Frenák tackles, more directly than ever, a key tragedy of Japanese culture and history – to which he is no stranger –, and offers an unconventional interpretation.

The performance is permeated by the philosophy of Japanese culture: in a simple, empty space, bamboos appear, the most natural material and instrument of daily life in Japan. In its natural quality, the dancers’ organic movement fuses with the crudeness and power of the bamboos: man and instrument become one, each other’s extension, in a continuous spiral motion.

Pál Frenák invited graduating students from the Hungarian University

of Dance to cooperate during the creative process, providing the new

generation not only with an opportunity to appear on stage, but also

with the experience of the manifold creative work the purpose of which is more than learning a choreography. Katalin Lőrinc is a unique presence on the stage – in all her immobility. She is the embodiment of the motionlessness that is the permanence of the perpetual process, a real motif of Frenák-motif.

Performed by: Fanni Esterházy Gábor Halász Milán Maurer Levente Szabó Kristóf Várnagy Guest perofrmers: Katalin Lőrinc and the students of the Hungarian University of Dance: Zsombor Erdélyi Gergő Golubkovics Attila Horváth Rebeka Kiss Emma Lőrincz Réka Rácz Virág Rovó Benjámin Taba Coreography and concept: Pál Frenák Associate coreographer: Gábor Halász Coreographer's collaborator: Milán Maurer Music: Ábris Gryllus & Miklós Farkas Japanese Cultural Consultant: Paule Jeanne Francoise Costumes: Mariann Henez Stage and alpine technique: Vertical Zone Sound: András Horváth Lightning: Áron Kovács
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