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The scenery for Frenák’s new show is monochrome, minimalist, futuristic – the set, as dreamed and designed by the choreographer, is an unusual white net structure, seems like an artistic installation, still very vigorous, dynamically changing with and reacting to the movements of the dancers. And within this white net structure there is mankind, man and woman, burdened with questions and doubts. Dependence/attachment/hook and addiction/hang-up, entanglement and holding, balancing and flying, tear, split and break: the x&y represents the knotty connection of human relations and an unusual story of creation and evolution with a wisely humorous gesture and ironic twist at the end.

Speaking about duo-structure and human relationships Pál Frenák says: „people do not have too much choice in their life, but there is evidently one: to choose the person whose side they live and share their life. Based on my own experiences I realised that people who have found their pair and are able to honestly resonate to each other, live longer. In this show I project into a futuristic dimension a couple who may be the creatures of God or the creatures of God’s creatures, test-tube babies, or even emotionless automatons reacting to each other mechanically. They may be Romeos, Julias, Adams, Eves, males, females, robots, lovers, fellows, and survivors – with eyes showing that something is wrong with them.”

Lenght of performance: 55 min Choreography and scenography: FRENÁK Pál Choreography assistant: Nelson REGUERA Performers: Marie-Julie DEBEAULIEU, HOLODA Péter, FRENÁK Pál Music: PARABRYO Costumes: SZŰCS Edit Light: MARTON János Sound: HAJAS Attila Stage and alpintechnique: ZOLTAI György Production manager: JUHÁSZ Dóra With the support of: Mozgó Ház Alapítvány – Flórián Műhely, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Scene Nationale d'Evreux-Louviers, Région Nord-Pas de Calais, NKA
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