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Struggles fought by everyone throughout their life, even if maybe not so desperately as the five dancers on the stage in this choreography of Pál Frenák. The tense theatrical pulsation of male and female roles, loneliness and togetherness, suffering and happiness, egoism and objectiveness call us to realize ourselves. How can one person become reality to the other? Must we fall back from the relationships’ incomprehensible insecurity to our own cruel and single reality? InTimE does not offer solutions: it shows the complexity of these human relationships so honest, that the spectator cannot escape being touched by the performance.

„InTimE surprises us. Affects on us. It’s performed with elegance and gracefulness, with the harmony of proportion and ratio, which creates the experience of perfection. Eroticism is shamelessly wild, rough and classically noble and aristocratic on the stage of Pal Frenak. The audience is just amazed by the beauty of the bodies transformed to a stunning piece of art. (Liberation)

Lenght of piece: 50 min Choreographer: FRENÁK Pál Performers: Marie-Julie DEBEAULIEU, FEICHT Zoltán, HOLODA Péter, JANTNER Emese, Nelson REGUERA, VASAS Erika Music: GERGELY Attila Light: MARTON János Sound: HAJAS Attila Scenery and make-up: MAJOROS Gyula Costume: SZABÓ Gergely Stage: MOLNÁR Péter, ZOLTAI György With the support of: Arcus Temporum, Picardie, Espace des Arts, La Rose des Vents, Centre National de la Danse à Pantin, Ministére de Culture et Communication, Région Nord-Pas de Calais, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts
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