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This time marriage is the very physical and thought-provoking metaphor of representation, the lack of confidence, human games, gender-questions – in a scenery constructed from the illusion of perfection (a special, huge plexi-pool).

On this evening we can sense a drifting, irresistible force pushing us onwards, allowing us to discover – both as a witness and a participant – the painful pattern of eternal and yet still finite pattern of human games within the internal relations of a family, a micro-community. The choreography is a sensitive and abstract reflection on the problems of ego, miscommunication, racism; questions which are really current in Hungary, Eastern-Europe and Europe at the moment from a social, political and artistic point of view as well.

Hymen was nominated to the Rudolf Laban award dedicated to the best contemporary dance pieces of 2012.

“The new piece of CIE Pal Frenak, entitled Hymen is a pulsating,

powerful and deeply thrilling performance…”


Length of performance: 50 min Choreography and scenography: Pál FRENÁK Choreographic assistant: Nelson REGUERA Performers: FEICHT Zoltán, HOLODA Péter, JANTNER Emese, Nelson REGUERA, VASAS Erika Dramaturgy: Mátyás VARGA Music: PARABRYO Musical assistant: Ádám SEPSI Costume: SCHOPP Ildikó, Tamara BARNOFF Lighting design: MARTON János, FRENÁK Pál Sound: HAJAS Attila Video: VASS Gergely Alpintechniques: ZOLTAI György Sponsors: Mozgó Ház Alapítvány – Flórián Műhely, Scene Nationale d'Evreux-Louviers, Danse à Lille, NKA, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts.
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