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The Hidden Men holds a special mirror in front of us, in which we can see the „Macho”, the „Narcissus” and also „Hercules”, and we can closely examine the archetypes of man. Frenák alternately calls up male chauvinist violence, stupid pretentiousness, the balance of power that structures our exchanges with others.

Frenák offers us a radical vision; he probes male sexuality through its different aspects: its origins, as well as its unconscious sources. Its sensuality is without compromise, its rudeness is poetic. The symbols used prompt us to make associations, as the scenery and the source of the movement language is a rope-system on stage and its inspiring verticality.

“The trio of ropes hanging down into the playing area opens up a vertical dimension: they free us from our earth-bound existence and show the way to an unattainable reality. The men are doing their best to get to the top; they drag themselves upwards, they lounge and soar once they think they are high enough; it is all about the timeless human dream.” (Márta Péter, dance theorist, critic)

The Hidden Men was awarded to the Rudolf Laban award dedicated to the best

contemporary dance pieces in Hungary and toured all over the world.

Length of piece: 45 min Choreographer:FRENÁK Pál Music:Fabrice PLANQUETTE, GERGELY Attila Light: MARTON János Sound: HAJAS Attila Stage:ZOLTAI György With the support of: Trafo House of Contemporary Arts
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