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Compagnie Pál Frenák presented their composition titled Mil An in 2006, in which the infinite duo of the human-sized marionette and the flesh and blood being retreating ever further into his own shell plays the main roles. In 2009, Twins came to life as the twin piece of this earlier choreography, inspired by the novel of Agota Kristof.

Two dancers, two masked figures: they are about to encounter unity, togetherness, separation, loneliness and solitude sometimes as twin marionettes, sometimes as twin brothers, sisters, siblings.

The two dancers circle as twin stars in the peeling orbits of space until they live through the paradox of twin existence in their relationship believed to be inseparable: the monozygotic unity is all for nothing, the great journey after birth is asynchronistic for them, where they have to find the unity of their own independent personality. The creator is not looking for final solutions. He is rather interested in the process itself, consisting of facing the irresolvable.

Az előadás hossza: 45 min Choreography, concept: Pál FRENÁK Performers: Nelson REGUERA Péter HOLODA, Erika VASAS Synopsis: Andy WARGA Mask, make-up: MAJOROS GYULA Costumes: Gergely SZABÓ Scenery: Péter KIS Music: Attila GERGELY Light: János MARTON, Pál FRENÁK Sound: Attila HAJAS Alpintechnique: György ZOLTAI
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