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The starting point of k.Rush is the intention to create a sort of film-choreography. The so-called seventh art was always important to Pal Frenak, its influence can be observed in his previous works too (Festen, InTimE, The Hidden Men), meanwhile k.Rush focuses consciously on the amalgam of cinematography and contemporary dance. Continuing the experimentation what he has started in his previous works, in this piece the creators are deeply inspired by the world of movies, the emblematic films of the XX. century.

The linearity of time is broken and the boundaries between dream and reality become blurred, with gestures and motions demarcating the framework and the common ground of the intersections. A white Cadillac cuts through infinity in front of a backdrop composed of video-artist Philippe Martini’s work in the minimalistic scenery we’ve come to expect from Frenák, while the electro-acoustic compositions with pop elements popped in, are delivered by Gilles Gauvin, whom you might remember from previous Frenak-pieces such as InTimE or Seven.

Choreographer-director: Pal Frenak Performers: Emese Jantner, Marie-Julie Debeaulieu, Pal Frenak, Nelson Reguera, Zoltán Feicht, Erika Vasas Assistant choreographer: Nelson Reguera Scenography:Pal Frenak Music composition: Gilles Gauvin Video: Philippe Martini
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