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The shadows on the platform attract our attention. Not only the spectators, but also the dancers are trapped by their own silhouettes coming to life. They are moving together, trying to touch or possess them.

However, the tempting or sometimes fearsome phantoms flying by within reach finally prove to be unreachable.

In the western civilization, people are afraid of their phantoms and want to defeat them. In the Japanese culture however, which has had a deep influence on Frenák’s art, facing the inner self is a virtue.

In this new creation, Frenák tries to remind us that shadows are stronger than the physical body, because they cannot be touched by fate, and since we are unable to control this world of shadows, it is best to accept it and dissolve in it.

Choreography: Frenák Pál Performed by: Nelson Reguera, Simet Jessica, Vasas Erika, Major László Scenery: Kiss Péter, Emmanuel Piret Costumes: Maryse Khoriaty Music: Fabrice Planquette Video: Jean-Sebastian Leblond Duniach Light: Marton János Sound: Hajas Attila
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