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Tricks & Tracks 2 by the 15-years old Compagnie Pál Frenák unites the indefinite past and the present. As the dancers draw new lines and signs on the plain white surface, the past is unraveled and rearranged.

Tricks & Tracks 2 is deliberately ironic, cruel and provocative in the way the cast keeps on changing roles, shedding their identity and then change back into it again. The bodies keep on crashing into each other and the pristine white surfaces, leaving marks and desperately trying to connect. Existence leaves dispassionate imprints inside and outside, on the bodies, on the floor and on the walls. Personal egos prove to be accidental impressions, like tattoos on the skin or a misfitting disguise that we still decide to keep wearing out of habit. Sincerity may hide somewhere under the skin. Naked is the new black.

The show is an exciting mixture of the serenity and transparent minimalism of Japanese culture and calligraphy and the flickering, vivid madness of megacities. Pál Frenák uses strong expression in a space stripped of features to create a frenzied, organic and chaotic modern butoh. In one moment, dynamism and pulsating life dominates the scene while the next moment is slow and minimalistic. The dancers masterfully exploit the possibilities of the choreography to present both the frantic action characteristic of contemporary society and the purity of traditional Japanese theater where presence, silence and inner awareness are paramount.

The production is a real all-stars show, uniting experienced and mature dancers who have been working with the company from the earliest times and a younger generation of artists, with a newly discovered talent among their ranks.

Choreography and scenography: FRENÁK Pál Dancers: JANTNER Emese, Nelson REGUERA, FRENÁK Pál, VASAS Erika, BUKTA Gergő, HOLODA Péter, Marie-Julie DEBEAULIEU, FEICHT Zoltán Music composition: Fred Bigot Lighting: MARTON János Sound: HAJAS Attila Alpintechnique: ZOLTAI György Production manager: JUHÁSZ Dóra With the support of: Bakelit Multi Art Center, Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Scene Nationale d'Evreux-Louviers, Région Nord-Pas de Calais, NKA
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